Our mission is to nurture at-risk adolescents and young adults by empowering dreams that once has been shattered through culture filled with disrespect, anger and hatred. Nurturing Dreams Foundation, Inc. is a community based organization dedicated to getting our youth on track for success by promoting education, leadership and life skills. Our belief is each day brings new opportunity for achievement.


Our vision is to give neglected adolescents and young adults the stepping stones to escape shelters, broken homes, and unfortunate situations. We strive for success in fulfilling the dreams of those whom, throughout childhood have had their dreams shattered or lacked support along the way. Our innovative programs focuses on adolescents and young adults from broken, abusive and neglectful homes, (teens of the streets) that lack guidance or supervision. Nurturing Dreams Foundation will provide access to the tools necessary to improve the conditions of these youths, by providing support and available community resources to overcome unstable and hostile environments.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Leaders & Members

Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Academic, Public Affairs, Membership, and Research & Development

  • Study the mission and vision statement of Nurturing Dreams Foundation.
  • Create an effective and obtainable organizational plan that will benefit the progress of Nurturing Dreams Foundation’s mission.
  • Oversee and monitor the implementation of short term goals and initiate long term plans.
  • Committee Lead and/or members will establish a quarterly progress report for review by the Board of Director.
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